How it works

1. Make your own Bitcoin Wallet

2. Set up standing order in your Bank

3. Choose your required amount

4. Enjoy your own bitcoins

Gain your own Bitcoin Wallet

Unlike from your usual financial system, you don´t need bank for establish your own wallet. You will be your bank, you decide when and how you use your saved BTC. You only need own Bitcoin Wallet. If you don´t have it else, read instruction in our blog “how do you establish it”.

Set up you standing order in your Bank

You can start save bitcoins after verification of your bank account in our service SEPA to BITCOIN. If you want regularly save, you need set up in your bank account repeated SEPA payment (e.g. daily, weekly, or monthly) for benefit account of company SEPA to BITCOIN. We take care about others. 

Enjoy your own bitcoins

Bitcoins will be sending to your own wallet after several hours. Whenever you can check your state of your wallet and also verify saved bitcoins.